Learn About UGA Majors

182 majors is hard to choose from and many are overlooked. We created UGA Major Matcher to help students reach their full potential by including every major that UGA offers in the database. That way, students can discover what their true calling is.

Make it Fun

With so many majors at the University of Georgia, it can be difficult and overwhelming to pick the right major. We already did the hard work by going through all the majors and linking them to related interests and careers. Now, all you have to do is take the quiz! It’s that easy! When creating the quiz, we strived to make the quiz quick, fun and easy to take the weight off of students’ shoulders as they are looking at all the majors.

Get Involved

After taking the quiz, Major Matcher lists clubs and organizations that relate to the different majors. Students can learn about different ways to get involved and also see possible career tracks for each major.